For the role of Duenna Theatre du Capitole de Toulouse under the direction of conductor Tugan Spkhiev critics wrote:

Altamusica David Verdier, 05/15/2015

... Elena Sommer illuminates the role of Duenna, perfectly in tune with the demands of a theatre that does not sacrifice the quality of the singing.

Forumopera Catherine Jordy, 05/15/2015

... concerning the lovely and bubbly Elena Sommer, she had to be given a false nose to become a chaperone able to scare of Mendoza by her ugliness ... Her vocal qualities and her acting talent have allowed Elena to become other person and to execute her role to perfection.

La Depeche, A. M.Chouchan, 05.24.2015

... Acting the Duenna Elena Sommer also asserts itself as a great and formidable actress and the opera singer gifted with a beautiful, supple mezzo.


"... What concerns the performers of the main roles - Tatiana Anisimova (Aida) and Elena Sommer (Amneris) - both distinguished themselves with a high level of professionalism, refined vocal technique and detailed character development - they were the clear standouts in the performance."

"... The Amneris of Elena Sommer was like a lioness of society, overflowing with passions which were usually, but not always, skillfully hidden under the mask of etiquette."

"... Sommer built her character brick-by-brick, almost distancing herself from it - and thus the stronger impression of living feelings, which grew more intense and multifaceted as the drama developed."

Mariinsky Theatre Newsletter, Roman Ruditsa, April 2011


Three Mirrors for Ballet Alexei Ratmansky staged Pierrot Lunaire for Vishneva, based on the music of Arnold Schonberg… the (vocal) part of utmost difficulty was excellently handled by Elena Sommer, soloist of the Mariinsky Opera.

Vremya, Anna Gordeyeva, 05.03.2008


Multifaced Diana: …the vocal cycle Pierrot Lunaire of Arnold Schonberg, a decadant-expressionistic melodeclamation… transcendently performed by mezzo-soprano Elena Sommer and her colleagues from the Mariinsky Theatre…



Diana Vishneva in Wonderland: The work of Schonberg was performed by outstanding musicians, all of them from the orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre… Singer Elena Sommer (Mariinsky Theatre) handled the “difficult task” of Schonberg’s music. And, I think, the audience listened to her with pleasure, marvelling at the musicians, the beautiful voice of the singer and the young talented conductor…

RUSSIAN BAZAAR, Nina Alovert 21-27 February, 2008


Newspaper “Washington Post”, “The performer of the role of Meg in G. Verdi`s opera “Falstaf”, Elena Sommer, showed the brightest acting, she was attractive and emotional…”

February 3, 2007


Newspaper “Saint Petersburg Vedomosty”, “…Also, the audience could not but laugh at the picturesque, absolutely operetta-like couple of “survived bourgeois” deserving an Oscar prize, - the pregnant Vava (Elena Sommer) and Drebednev (Pavel Shmulevich). Elena Sommer appeared in the full blaze of her comic, or even wider – grotesque talent. She is somewhat of the music analogue to the great Russian comic actress Faina Ranevskaya…”

V. Dudin, July 10, 2006


Newspaper “Vremya novostey”, “…The Golden Mask started with “Journey to Reims” by G. Rossini… “Above the audience`s heads huge hat cartons are moving, and at that time the housekeeper Maddalena superbly converted from a beauty into a funny, exquisitely club-footed cow (Elena Sommer is a perfect actress) is trying to get over the baluster and is talking to the audience using phrases like “Good on you, good on you, Muscovites!”…”

Y. Vederova, February 20, 2006


Newspaper “Music Petersburg”, “… The young performer of the Countess` part in Tchaikovsky`s opera “Queen of Spades” has had a tremendous success today. It is amazing how this young girl could impersonate the eighty year old decrepit woman, powerful and proud. Bravo! I take off my hat to her…”

E. Romanova, July 7, 2002


Newspaper “Music Petersburg”, “… I have not seen “Trojans” by G. Berlioz staged in this theatre by S. Stadler who, in addition to the world`d Violin career, has engaged in conducting, but extracts from this opera performed by I. Volodin and a prizewinner of the international contest E. Sommer, make a good impression…” “…To mention several names, the audience seemed to like E. Sommer and I. Volodin best of all. The audience applauded much and willingly and listened attentively, the house was full. And the feedback coming from the audience to the stage is so important…))

O.Yakovlev, January 5, 2001


Newspaper “Arena”, “In our city we have had an international singing contest for performance of the leading parts in the opera “Queen of Spades” by P. Tchaikovsky…” “… Among the prizewinners I would like to make a special note of a young Russian mezzo-soprano singer, Elena Sommer who interpreted the role of Polina, Lisa`s friend, with the youthful ardor…”

M. Pedzani, November 7, 1999